An interesting conflict surfaced this morning during the opening session of the congress. The preparation team consisted mostly of Europeans – even though we are having the congress in Africa. How come? Let’s discuss!


  1. What would an apology do? who would actually be apologising to whom? what went on?

  2. This morning, in the GYG opening plenary, an African representative raised a concern that there were no African faces on the Prep team for the Congress. The Prep team is made up of volunteers who nominate themselves to do all the organisational work to make the Congress happen. As far as I understand, anyone can be involved, they just need enthusiasm and hard work.

    It is still unclear though, what has actually gone on. It appears that either the Prep Team for Dakar 2012 GYG did not have any African representatives or, perhaps is it that those Africans that did help with the preperation for the Congress were not recognised in the Opening Plenary today….?

    There are quite a few questions that were raised from the heated discussion this morning. Like, why is it that no Africans are on the prep team? was it because they didnt voluntary nominate themselves? was it because they were unable to participate due to structural, infrastructural, they werent able to access skype for the meetings? if it was technological, why did African representatives not raise this as an issue before the Congress?

    maybe it wasnt technical but it was cultural? is it the way GYG work together, the processes that are in place, perhaps they are not culturally appropriate? are they european centric?

    lets get some feedback and discussion here as these are essential questions for the future viability of GYG, we have to be able to work together, respecting and working with our geographical and cultural differences.

  3. lol

    Oh it’s very bad, it sounds like pure competitve white trash neo-colonialist atmosphere… poor you! Tomorrow myabe the European will be inserting a new membership criteria to the GYG: obligation to have an iphone!

  4. It was not really voluntary nominate themselves,.. i know that personally. I wanted to help in web and communications as i have done in Berlin Congress. But there were not a single acknowledgement of my repeated offers. From my experience in GYG, Begining of GYG was not euro centric in any way. Coz there were people in GYG SC who really knew what other world really means.

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