Movers and Shakers

This blog is about some of the people who have made GYG Dakar 2012 happen.  The questions raised, conclusions reached and insights drawn are from a series of in-depth interviews with those that have been part of either the: Steering Committee, the Preparatory Team or the Presidency of GYG.

The interviews have been structured to understand what motivates these young individuals to dedicate so much time to a cause that often seems to be going in circles, backwards or anywhere but the direction that they’re faces and hearts are turned.

Conducting the interviews has made me realise that too frequently we overlook or underestimate the power of the coincidental, the chance meeting or the unexpected opportunity.  Perhaps it is our obsession with the scientific, the facts and statistics which makes us blind to what it is that moves the people who are shaking this world.

Energy, destiny, god, chance – how do we include these intangibles in a world that is so set on defining career paths, objectives and planned retirement?

Whilst I don’t have the answer, I can confidently say that – after conducting interviews with the people behind GYG 2012 – we must do it.

Whilst all the interviews with the movers and shakers (MsSs) behind GYG have offered unique insights into their different worlds there is, without a doubt, a common theme that links these rather amazing people.

It is a theme that drives the Green values that ends on formally uniting those who are part of GYG.  The theme is the backgrounder to each individual and it emerges as i try to understand how and why people come to GYG and choose to unite within the loosely defined GYG network.

You could say that many of the MsSs seem to ‘stumble’ into GYG.  A chance meeting or an animated conversation with a stranger seem to be the primary causes for finding GYG.  But, that conclusion would be too simple and, really, it doesn’t quite fit because these are personalities that don’t stumble.

Rather, MsSs are united by personalities that are driven by a curiosity to question and understand why it is that things are the way they are.  This drive compels them to seek further afield than their own families, town or nation state.

It is a drive that keeps their faces open and smiles at the ready as enthusiastically they meet a world that is chaotic and full of so many unknowns and fear that most people will turn inwards.  GYG members don’t turn away.  Faced with the unknown, they hold their arms wider and it is this warm enthusiasm that makes these so-called coincidental meetings happen and it is these ‘coincidences’ that then leads them to GYG.

Sometimes, we don’t realise the impact that we can have with one conversation.  Often, we forget that it is curiosity, enthusiasm and a belief in something more that actually drives the passionate change agents of the world.

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  1. Durgha

    Anna and Pau – So good to see both you’re lovely faces 🙂

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