GYG Congress inspires a new generation to take Green issues global!

A few weeks ago the third Global Young Green and the Global Greens Congress took place in Dakar, Senegal. Young Greens were present with a large group of representatives from its member parties.

Having travelled so far from home, the participants were determined to take full advantage of the unique opportunity to meet fellow activists from all over the world. They shared ideas, challenges and best practices in a wide variety of workshops on green issues. They also actively participated in the general assembly of the Global Young Greens (GYG), which took place on the final day of the Congress, March 29th. Delegates put forward amendments to the Global Greens Charter, resulting in passionate discussions and debates between the diverse participants. Some resolutions and working groups for the network were also adopted.

A new steering committee was elected to give direction to the organisation for next few years. As required in the statutes, altogether 16 young representatives were chosen from each of the four regions that make up the GYG network (Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe).

GYG would like to congratulate them all on their new position, and wish them all the best with their work to help the Global Young Greens grow and flourish, and to inspire many more young green activists to “Think Globally!”

For more information check out the GYG Congress website and the blog

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