Meet Sarah from Germany

If you’re someone that has come to GYG, then you’d know Sarah.  She is the one that has been sending you all those informative emails. Sarah is part of the Prep Team for GYG Dakar 2012.  She’s been working on the Congress since September 2011 – she’s the one that has been answering all those pesky emails.

“I wanted to be the coordinator and be in contact with the people.  I really love that. I have a passion for organisational type things.  So for me it was fun.”

Sarah accidently came across the Young Greens.  She’d always loved politics and being engaged in things and she “stumbled across the young Greens.”

“I was involved in a political discussion with a person on the street from a very, very stupid party in German and I got very angry and I was arguing a lot and the friend I was with said ‘wow, you should come and get to know the Young Greens.’”

So, Sarah went along and the people in the local group and got involved.  She quickly became co-ordinator and then Spokesperson for the Green branch in Brandenberg, a state of Germany.

Sarah explains that the Young Greens group that she is involved in works on particular issues.  They pick a topic, like animal rights, and then organise seminars and actions around it.

Although she’s now been involved with the German Young Greens for 6 years she’s not a member of the German Green Party.

“I wanted to maintain my independence.  The Young Greens are independent of the Green Party. The Young Greens are independent from and they are more leftwing and have more progressive ideas.  There are certain aspects of the Green Party that I cannot support. I never really thought about joining the party.”

“It’s a very individual decision in the Young Greens as to whether join the Green Party or not.”

“I think that Global Working Groups are the future of the Young Greens.  We should work on certain topics like education, gender and economics and then we should develop Action Plans, finding a common ground…for what our ideas are…”

But, I wonder, is it really possible to find a common ground in the GYG? We come from such different cultures, socio-political realities, how would we agree to an Action Plan for a particular campaign such as education? And is that what GYG is about? Developing one action plan for all the world? Or is it perhaps, the role to support emerging Green Leaders in their own country to start defining their nation-state politics?

“It’s a challenge.  But I think it’s possible.  It’s even possible in FYEG, the European network.  There was a process when we set up a kind of program of common ideas that will be finalised at the next General Assembly in May.”

This type of organisation relies on the technology – access to internet, using text message etc… Forming common platforms is important because it allows you to develop common campaigns and

“When you have a basis you have certain positions that you can fight for that you can develop strategies and develop campaigns and you can be really active.”

But Sarah doesn’t know whether the world is ready yet for the GYG.


“I’m pretty sure that (working globally) will have an impact.  Maybe people aren’t ready for this right now.  Or maybe people think, ‘oh, i’m living here in Germany in my community, I don’t care about what’s happening in Australia or anywhere else.  But I think it has an impact.  When people see it is possible to start a global movement it is possible that a lot of people are very enthused about issues that lie at heart then others get enthused and want to be active.”

“I think it is a kind of life of people.  When you have a positive attitude towards life you want to be active and you want to do something.”

Also, for those that are curious and want to know more than what exists in their own local communities, Sarah would recommend GYG.

“It’s very refreshing when you see another person you’ve never seen before and living in a different context, country but you see that ‘hey, he has the same ideas, the same dream.’”


  1. Hi ladies and gentlemen!
    I would like to know how to be an actif member of the mouvement?Actually in my country we have less activities.I want to become more involved.I am from Niamey/Niger
    Best regards

    • Rose

      Dear Boukari,

      I am one of the Members of the Steering Committee from Africa. It is a very good thing that you are interested in becoming active in the Global Young Greens. We welcome you.I will send you comprehensive information through the email address that you provided and we can even go a step further and talk on Skype.

      Kind Regards

  2. Hi Boukari,

    Great to hear from you. Sorry for slow response.

    what’s your email address? i’ll send it on to one of our Steering Committee members in Africa.


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