I’m illegal in Senegal!

It was just few weeks before the Congress when it happened. I’d been excited about getting to Senegal, since I’d never visited Africa before. But when I was searching some information about LGBT rights in Senegal, I realized I’m illegal here.

The CastleGayGuide informs us: “Senegal specifically outlaws same-sex sexual acts, and has prosecuted men accused of homosexuality in the past. Homosexuals face routine discrimination in the society. ” Swell, I feel so welcome.

Well, at least there’s one bright side in not having my girlfriend here. It would have been difficult to refrain from illegal activities had she been with me. Still, it’s a poor consolation, really.

I very much wonder the decision to have the Global Young Greens and Global Greens Congresses in Senegal in the first place. I’ve heard no good reasons for it – apparently it’s political. In my opinion, that should be exactly the reason why not to have the Congresses here. For me, value liberalism is a core green value, and the movement has always been open to all sexual minorities. As it is, we are showing political and financial support to a state who does not respect human rights.

Hopefully the situation will change soon. The newly elected president Macky Sall declared his intention to handle the question “with responsibility” and to transform Senegal into a modern society. Maybe it’s not much, but it sure is better than before. Actually, during the Campaign, Sall was attacked by the former president Wade because of this expression of support.

As it is, I don’t really feel this Congress is for me.

Colorful Senegal? (Photo: www.lupho.de)

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